035 Michelle Youngers — Impact Investing: There’s Plenty of Pie to Go Around

A conversation with Michelle Youngers

Welcome to She Invests, where you’ll hear from existing female angel investors, venture capitalists and fund managers on their investment thesis. From deal flow to exits, they will share the best practices that contribute to their success.

In this episode, Dr. Silvia Mah welcomes to the podcast start-up consultant, entrepreneur and investor, Michelle Youngers. As a cross-functional Executive, Michelle brings over 30 years diverse experience in both financial and operational strategies to improve organizational effectiveness of early stage, high growth companies across multiple industries. Throughout her career, she has served as a Company Co-founder, President and CEO, and various roles as a trusted financial and operational partner to CEOs, leadership teams, Board of Directors and investors. She strongly believes in the equation vision plus execution equals success. Dr. Silvia and Michelle talk about Michelle’s investment thesis, factors Michelle looks for when assessing founders and how we can better empower female entrepreneurs.

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Key Takeaways

  • 13:13 — Michelle provides some examples of companies she has invested in that she is also incredibly excited about
  • 16:02 — Michelle talks about diversification, the importance of having capital available for investment opportunities and the value of SDAC
  • 21:44 — Dr. Silvia and Michelle talk about the Women of SDAC and areas where we can better promote more female entrepreneurs
  • 28:42 — What abundance mindset means to Michelle


What it really boils down to, for a successful enterprise, you need three types of builders. You need someone who’s going to execute — the conductor. You need an expert and you need a rain maker. And so, I can use that lens when we are introduced to…

The one thing that great leaders have in common is they understand what they’re naturally good at and what their strengths are and they’re not afraid to surround themselves with people with complementary strengths.

I am a true believer that you need to understand what you’re investing in.

I see the Women of SDAC as an important piece of this from the standpoint of helping to continue to empower women.

It’s like anything else. Diversity provides better success.

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